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Killifish peat approach Nothobranchius Eggersi Red

Killifish peat approach Nothobranchius Eggersi Red

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Please pay attention to the expected hatching date! The date cannot be determined with 100% accuracy. Read our instructions on how to recognize eggs that are ready to hatch!

If temperatures are below 10°C, the eggs will be shipped with a heat pack, otherwise the eggs may be damaged. If you live outside of Germany, please only order if the temperatures in your country are above 10°C, as the heat pack only lasts for a limited time.

    • Best Educational Gift - It is a perfect gift for children ages 8 and up to learn how live fish hatch and how to care for them. This product allows children to hatch and raise killifish themselves from the beginning, so they can learn the processes of animal life and how to care for their pets.
    • Exceptional as a pet - Exotic, beautiful and easy to care for. Beautify your aquarium with these interesting fish. They can grow up to 5cm long and will be your new friend in no time.
    • High Hatching Rate - Since your great experience starts with the egg, we carefully select each individual egg under the microscope to ensure that each and every killifish egg is healthy and high quality. This way you can enjoy the hatching experience with a high success rate.
    • Easy to hatch and breed - No more reading cryptic manuals. Our simple and well-illustrated instructions offer you easy-to-follow steps, even for newbies. You can get quick access by scanning the QR code on the back of the packaging, the instructions are in English. You can find German instructions on our page under rearing instructions. (Link)
    • With food, pipette and Indian almond leaves - The included fish food consists of fairy crab eggs that must be hatched before feeding (killifish can eat them immediately after hatching). The Indian sea almond tree leaf helps improve the water quality in your aquarium.


    If the temperature in your country (except Germany) is below 10C (50F), we advise against ordering as the eggs may become cold and damaged during shipping. If the eggs are damaged, you will receive fewer eggs than you ordered, so please check the temperature before ordering.
    We cannot guarantee that the eggs will arrive in perfect condition. Please take a risk.
    The killifish eggs are not always ready to hatch when you put them in the water. They have the expected hatching date that we indicate on the package, but it is uncertain. Read the instructions to understand it. (Link)

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