General information about Triops

Triops are prehistoric creatures that existed before the dinosaurs. They have been around for almost 300 million years. There are many types of Triops. The most common species are Triops australiensis, Triops cancriformis, Triops longicaudatus, Triops mauritanicus, Triops newberryi, and so on. Triops is typically found in swamps and marshes in North America, South America, Europe, Eurasia, Africa, Japan, New Caledonia and Australia. Triops have three eyes and a significantly elongated, double-serrated tail. They have a short life cycle of 1 to 3 months and grow quickly, doubling in size every day. Triopsi have many legs (35-71 pairs of legs) to swim, carry food to their mouths, and breathe. Their legs have the special gill-like organ of other aquatic species. When they move or swim, they absorb oxygen from the water through their legs.

Triops can be found in the wild in dry areas. When it rains, these areas become drenched and life is restored, including the Triops eggs that had completely dried out.