Live food rearing instructions

Raising instructions for live food

This is needed

  • Live food - eggs
  • Small breeding dish (approx. 500ml)
  • Aquarium with at least 10l.
  • Water (still mineral water, aquarium water)
  • Air vent (pump)
  • feed
  • Fine mesh net
  • Heating rod or heating lamp
  • Hose

Fill the small breeding tank (max. 500ml) with aquarium water. Place your heat lamp over the pool or use a small heating rod. In summer, a sunny spot by the window is enough .


Avoid drafts and take care of pets! If a heat lamp is not used and there is no free window space, an additional lamp is required above the pool.

When the water has reached a temperature of 25-30 degrees, you can add the live food eggs. Carefully open the capsule over the pelvis. Make sure that as few eggs as possible stick to the edge of the pool. If necessary, rinse the eggs on the edge with a pipette. After 3-10 days all eggs should have hatched.

It's best to bring fresh oxygen into the tank with a small air vent before the first eggs have hatched. Use a valve to set the air flow to the lowest setting.

After 10 days, the hatched animals must be moved to a larger aquarium. Pay attention to the temperature in the aquarium.

If nothing has hatched, you can pour the water through a fine-mesh net. The eggs get stuck in the net. After 3 days of drying time, you can try again.

Feed your live food 1-2 times a day. You can use chlorella or spirulina for this. If you buy powder, dissolve it in a little water first. Adjust the amount of food to the population in the aquarium. After a few days, the live food animals will multiply and you can now feed your fish or Triops with them again and again.

If the water turns yellow, a water change should be carried out. The water is sucked out with a hose and you use a fine-mesh net to catch the live food animals. Dead animals settle on the ground, you can simply throw them away.

Fill the basin with 80% fresh water and 20% of your extracted water. Put the food animals back in the aquarium. You can also use the net to feed the animals.