Triop's rearing guide

What is needed?

  • Transparent vessel
  • sand or gravel
  • Distilled water
  • Table lamp
  • Heating element (only for hot water types)

Step 1: Find a suitable place

Place the container away from pets, children, sunlight and drafts.

Step 2: Prepare the container and sand

Clean the container thoroughly with a sponge and tap water

Caution: Do not use soap!

The sand must be washed out thoroughly with tap water. To do this, add some water to the sand and stir well with your hand. Fine particles are whirled up, which are then dumped out with the water. Repeat this process until the water no longer becomes cloudy. Then distribute the sand evenly in the container.

Now carefully and without stirring up the sand too much, pour the distilled water into the container.

Step 3: Set up the table lamp

Optionally, a water conditioner can be added here. ( Please refer to the description of the conditioner for the quantity. )
Place the table lamp above the aquarium. The lamp should be on 8-12 hours a day, so it should generate as little or no heat as possible.

Step 4: Add eggs

Pour the egg-sand mixture into the middle of the container to ensure that no eggs stick to the edge of the container. Since there are still eggs in the packaging, the packaging should be shaken thoroughly over the container. The first nauplii will hatch after 24-48 hours ; these are initially difficult to see with the naked eye . After 10-14 days the aquarium can be decorated.