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Microcell 20 ml

Microcell 20 ml

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Powdered, complete rearing food for trained nauplii 8 - 10 days after hatching.

Compound feed as rearing feed for Artemia nauplii.

Water-soluble mix for 8 - 10 day old Artemia nauplii. Contains the finest phytoplankton.

Feeding recommendation:
It is sufficient to start feeding 1 - 2 days after the nauplii hatch
HOBBY Liquizell to start. This contains such fine phytoplankton that the nauplii can ingest it despite its tiny mouth. After 8 - 10 days, the artemia has grown to such an extent that HOBBY Mirkozell can continue to be fed. As long as there are still visible, green food particles in the water, no further feeding should be carried out.

Composition: Minerals, algae

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