About Us

We have been breeding prehistoric crabs very successfully since 2013, mainly Triops, but also fairy crabs, mussel shells, artemia and shrimps.
Since July 1, 2023, our products have also been available to purchase online. Thanks to this long experience, we can answer all your questions about prehistoric crabs competently and reliably.
It all started with an experimental kit from a large company. A few years later I sat at the table with my brother and we remembered that beginning. The decision was made: we wanted to start breeding Triops again.
Unfortunately, we discovered that it wasn't that easy to get to all the species. The quality of the approaches also often left something to be desired. We wanted to change that and founded Triops Aquaristik.
Triops Aquaristik now stands for a large diversity of species, species purity and top quality, which is guaranteed by regular quality controls.
We guarantee that there are eggs in every batch and that they will hatch under the right conditions.
All Triops we offer come from our own breeding and species-appropriate husbandry.
You can now also benefit from our enormous diversity of species and top quality.
We hope you have a lot of fun breeding your own Triops and discovering “new” species in our shop.
Our friendly support is available every day via email. We look forward to answering many exciting questions!
We can be reached by telephone Mon-Fri from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.