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Aquarium bottom cleaner (mulm bell) with pump and valve

Aquarium bottom cleaner (mulm bell) with pump and valve

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Aquarium bottom cleaner with pump and valve

The floor cleaner consists of a tube made of transparent plastic, a long corrugated hose, a pump and a special tip with a sieve that prevents the gravel from being sucked in along with the water sucked in. After suction with running water Fish droppings, plant leaf fragments, food residues, mud and other contaminants that have accumulated in the substrate are removed.
In addition, the outlet of the desiccator hose is equipped with a shut-off valve that allows us to turn off the water with one move. We can clean the floor thoroughly without having to worry about all the water in the tank running down. The device is completely safe for fish.

Hose length: 1.5 m

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