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Aquarium landing net 7.5cm

Aquarium landing net 7.5cm

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Net for catching fish from an aquarium

The small green net allows you to catch aquarium fish, shrimp and Triops quickly and easily. The small mesh of the net allows even the smallest creatures to be caught and makes the net extremely effective . Thanks to the fine mesh, the net is also suitable for small species such as Neon, Guppies and Danio.

  • Catch fish with ease - the design and construction of our net are based on its functionality - thanks to the right choice of materials and shapes, the net ensures easy and quick catching of fish from the aquarium or pond.
  • save space - the net handle ends in a loop on which you can hang the net to save space.

The product is made of stainless steel to ensure quality and durability . Safe plastic is used for insulation.

Thanks to the green color, the net is less visible among the aquarium vegetation, making your fish calmer and easier to catch.

Length: 7.5cm
Color green
Material: stainless steel

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