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Fairy crab Sirindhornae eggs

Fairy crab Sirindhornae eggs

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Fairy crabs Sirindhornae

  • Live food for Triops, shrimp or fish
  • Good alternative to pellet food or granules
  • No leftover food, water quality remains good
  • Chemical-free, natural food
  • Awakens the hunting instinct and encourages swimming

Tip: The fairy crab Sirindhornae can survive in the aquarium for several days without food. So even a weekend without feeding is no problem. Simply add the live food to the aquarium and travel.


  • Average age: 69 days
  • Adult size: 1.3 - 3.0 cm
  • Size freshly hatched: 0.2 - 0.4 mm
  • Lay eggs after 14 days

The fairy crabs Sirindhornae have a special way of locomotion; they swim on their backs. They absorb their food through their filter hairs. When they swim, they create a jet of water that contributes to the dense accumulation of food between their legs. As a result, the food is blown into the sticky substance, excreted in the mouth and ultimately swallowed.

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