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Internal filter Orca 250 Happet

Internal filter Orca 250 Happet

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INTERNAL FILTER ORCA 250 - 250l/h for aquarium 20-60 liters

It provides high levels of mechanical, biological and chemical filtration and helps keep the water in the aquarium clean. It has a sponge filter cartridge that is easy to clean - a filter sponge is simply rinsed in aquarium water or lukewarm tap water to preserve the bacterial flora.

The big advantage of the filter is that it is equipped with a sprinkler system , which makes the appearance of the aquarium more attractive, prevents the formation of bacterial dross and strong oxygenation of the water.
On the other hand, activated carbon keeps the water clean and eliminates unpleasant odors.

The modular structure of the filter allows the standard sponge to be easily replaced with other, freely selectable filter media, such as ceramic or bioscales.

In addition, the filter has a number of other advantages:

  • easy to use and easy to obtain
  • resistant to clogging due to mechanical contamination
  • is extremely quiet
  • takes up minimal space in the aquarium
  • Easy to install and use - simply attach to the inner wall of the aquarium with suction cups
  • it has the ability to adjust the direction of water outlet in the range of over 180 degrees

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