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Triops Aquaristik

Triops Longicaudatus approx. 200 Pure Eggs (1 capsule)

Triops Longicaudatus approx. 200 Pure Eggs (1 capsule)

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  • approx. 200 Pure Eggs 

Profile Triops Longicaudatus

  • Life expectancy: approx. 2-3 months
  • Size: 5-7cm
  • Appearance: gray
  • Origin: America
  • Temperature: 21-25°C
  • Cannibalism: strong

Triops Longicaudatus

The most famous prehistoric crayfish "Triops Longicaudatus" is sold in large sets from well-known companies. It is relatively easy to grow, so it is very popular. Its pronounced cannibalism prevents overpopulation in tanks that are too small, thereby preventing problems in smaller tanks. The Triops Longicaudatus likes temperatures in the range of 21-25°C. It tends to be greyish, has a rather longer tail and a small shell. Compared to other prehistoric crabs, it is very active and often swims "wildly" through the tank. Sometimes you can observe loops in the water. It grows comparatively quickly, which is why it starts laying eggs very quickly.

We stand for quality and want to let others share in the joy of breeding prehistoric crayfish with our product. This is a natural product and things can go wrong. Don't be afraid to contact us, we will only be satisfied if you succeed in breeding.

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