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Triops Aquaristik

Moina Macrocopa Japanese ball water flea eggs two capsules

Moina Macrocopa Japanese ball water flea eggs two capsules

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Moina macrocopa (Japanese water flea) eggs

  • Live food for Triops, shrimp or fish
  • Good alternative to pellet food or granules
  • No leftover food, water quality remains good
  • Chemical-free, natural food
  • Awakens the hunting instinct and encourages swimming

Tip: The Japanese water flea can survive in the aquarium for several days without food. So even a weekend without feeding is no problem. Simply add the live food to the aquarium and travel.


  • Average age: 5 days
  • Size when fully grown: 0.4 - 1.8mm
  • Size freshly hatched: 0.27 - 0.35mm
  • Multiply after two days
  • A female gives birth to up to 63 young

This water flea is one of the smaller of its kind and is therefore ideal for feeding small fish. Due to its rapid reproduction, this small water flea is very popular for breeding and also for feeding. It is ideal as a replacement or addition to artemia.

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