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Natural Water Fit 250 ml

Natural Water Fit 250 ml

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The organic water conditioner with 5-fold protection for new installations and (partial) water changes: mucous membrane protection, protection against chlorine, protection against heavy metals, protection in the event of injuries and protection against stress. Is only dosed to the amount of tap water added.

  • Organic tap water conditioner to protect your fish and plants during new installations and (partial) water changes
  • effective immediately
  • optimal mucous membrane protection through protective colloids and aloe vera
  • reduces stress
  • promotes biological degradation processes
  • adds important organic components to the water
  • neutralizes chlorine, copper and other heavy metals
  • Magnesium and vitamin B1 strengthen the nerves

Instructions for use and dosage:
Is only dosed to the amount of tap water added.
5 ml to 20 l of fresh water when changing water and setting up again.
A notice:
We recommend a regular (every 7-14 days) 10-30% water change with a mulch bell.

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