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Black lava - set for decoration in the aquarium puzzle 0.5 kg

Black lava - set for decoration in the aquarium puzzle 0.5 kg

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Black Lava - Set for decoration in the aquarium or terrarium

Black lava stones are an ideal building material for building decorations, shelters and hiding places for fish or reptiles. Each stone has a unique shape and structure that allows you to build unique decorative compositions.

These stones are more than just beautiful decoration! They are a functional, natural element of an aquarium or terrarium. Thanks to them, both fish and reptiles find safe shelter, shade and cover that correspond to their natural environment.

  • natural look - it fits perfectly into various arrangements
  • dark color - enhances the colors of the fish and plants in the aquarium
  • porous structure - supports the filtering of the aquarium water and the development of the correct bacterial flora
  • resembles the natural environment

Expressive color and natural appearance make the stones complement the arrangement of tanks in different styles. With volcanic stones you will emphasize the unique colors of your fish and the deep black of the lava will contrast perfectly with the green of the plants or the light substrate. Thanks to this, black lava is an interesting addition to both aquariums and terrariums.

The natural origin makes the stones completely safe for fish and reptiles.

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