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Triops Aquaristik

Triops Granarius approx. 200 Pure Eggs (1 capsule)

Triops Granarius approx. 200 Pure Eggs (1 capsule)

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  • approx. 200 Pure Eggs 

Profile Triops Granarius Japan

  • Life expectancy: approx. 3 months
  • Size: 7-8cm
  • Appearance: light/dark brown
  • Origin: Japan
  • Temperature: 21-26°C
  • Cannibalism: little

Triops Granarius Japan

This Triops, which comes from Asia, is onochoric. Which means that males and females are needed for successful offspring. There are around 50% males, who are needed to fertilize the eggs. The Triops Granarius become brownish, with the males becoming darker than the females. It is difficult to distinguish between the body structure of males and females. The female Granarius have egg sacs that are clearly visible after about 3 weeks. Otherwise, this prehistoric crab can tolerate temperatures of 21-26°C. Since cannibalism is minimal, it is easy to breed compared to other gonochoric species.

We stand for quality and want to let others share in the joy of breeding prehistoric crayfish with our product. This is a natural product and things can go wrong. Don't be afraid to contact us, we will only be satisfied if you succeed in breeding.


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