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Triops Red Longicaudatus Pure Eggs

Triops Red Longicaudatus Pure Eggs

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  • Great educational gift - It is an ideal gift for children aged 8 and over to learn how to hatch live Triops and how to care for them. With this product, children can hatch and breed their own Triops from the beginning, so that they can learn the processes of animal life and the way of caring for their pets.
  • Pure Triops eggs - Each box contains 200 pure Triops eggs without sand, soil and other impurities.
  • An extraordinary pet - Beautiful, exotic and easy to care for, this aquatic animal is perfect for decorating your aquarium. Triops has a life cycle of 70-90 days. It also grows quickly, doubling in size every day and reaching a maximum length of up to 5 cm. This animal will become your new friend in no time.
  • High hatch rate - To ensure you have a great hatching experience, we have carefully selected each Triops egg under the microscope to ensure that each egg is healthy and fertilized. Therefore, you can enjoy the hatching experience with a high success rate.
  • Simply hatch and breed - No need to read confusing instructions. Our simple and well-illustrated instructions offer you easy-to-follow steps, even for newbies. (LINK)

Biology of Triops Red Longicaudatus

  • Average age: 90 days
  • Adult size: length up to 5cm
  • Reproductive after 8-10 days
  • Only lay eggs
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