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Breeding approach Triops Longicaudatus gonochoric

Breeding approach Triops Longicaudatus gonochoric

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  • breeding approach

Wanted Triops Longicaudatus

  • Life expectancy: about 2-3 months
  • Size: 5-7cm
  • Appearance: grey
  • Origin: America
  • Temperature: 21-25°C
  • Cannibalism: strong

Triops Longicaudatus Gonochoric

Triops Longicaudatus gonochoric is a variation known for its exceptional reproductive ability. This species Triops differs from other variants of the Triops Longicaudatus species in its reproductive system, namely that the gonochoric variant is sexually separated. This means that there are both male and female individuals that depend on each other for reproduction. The males are characterized by their longer caudal fins. The females have a less conspicuous caudal fin. During reproduction, the females lay their eggs in the bottom of the water body, where they are fertilized by the males. The fertilized eggs then develop into larvae, which then turn into adult triops. This development lasts only a few weeks.

Important information:

You will receive an egg-sand mixture with approx. 50 eggs, but there are usually more. We only breed ourselves and can therefore not offer an exact number of eggs. The size of the Triops eggs is comparable to grains of sand, so counting the eggs is almost impossible. We regularly take random samples for control, but our breeding also consists exclusively of our own approaches. So we can guarantee a high quality!

We stand for quality and want to share the joy of breeding Tadpole Shrimp with our product. This is a natural product that can sometimes go wrong. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are only satisfied if you breed successfully.

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