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Breeding approach Triops Mauritancius green Spain including food and instructions

Breeding approach Triops Mauritancius green Spain including food and instructions

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Included in the delivery:  

  • breeding approach
  • rearing food
  • staple food
  • Instructions

Wanted poster Triops Mauritanicus green Spain

  • Life expectancy: about 3 months
  • Size: 5-7cm
  • Appearance: light green
  • Origin: Spain
  • Temperature: 22-26°C
  • Cannibalism: little

Triops mauritanicus green Spain

This triops from Spain has the peculiarity that, among other things, male animals hatch, which are used in this species for reproduction. Although females can lay eggs, they remain unfertilized without males. They can therefore be distinguished by the fact that female animals carry egg sacs. At an advanced age, this species gets two protruding thorns at the end of its tail, which, among other things, distinguishes it externally from Triops Cancriformis despite its similar physique. In addition, Triops Mauritanicus Spain becomes light green and needs temperatures of 22-26°C. Which makes breeding in winter only possible in warmer rooms without technology.

Important information:

You will receive an egg-sand mixture with approx. 50 eggs, but there are usually more. We only breed ourselves and can therefore not offer an exact number of eggs. The size of the Triops eggs is comparable to grains of sand, so counting the eggs is almost impossible. We regularly take random samples for control, but our breeding also consists exclusively of our own approaches. So we can guarantee a high quality!

We stand for quality and want to share the joy of breeding Tadpole Shrimp with our product. This is a natural product that can sometimes go wrong. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are only satisfied if you breed successfully.

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