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Cylinder - ventilation stone 2.5 cm

Cylinder - ventilation stone 2.5 cm

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Ventilation stone, cylindrical

A round aeration stone for all ponds. Connected to a pump or a buzzer, it ensures optimal oxygen supply to the water, which is essential for the life of the pond inhabitants. Good aeration of the pond is particularly important in summer, as the solubility of oxygen decreases as the water temperature increases. But it is also important in winter. The stone connected to the pump prevents the pond surface from freezing and allows the survival of the fish that overwinter at the bottom . It also prevents the formation of anaerobic zones, which are a source of hydrogen sulfide, dangerous to aquatic organisms. Although the product is intended for ponds, it can also be used in large aquariums with increased oxygen requirements (e.g. when treating fish with certain medications such as malachite green or methylene blue).

The aeration stone is available in different sizes and can be used for any pond size.

Size: 2.5cm

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